High Standards

At OFO quality is a way of life. We employ stringent quality standards. The fiber and fiber cable production facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified by Bureau Veritas. OFO has invested in state of the art fiber and fiber cable test and measuring equipment equipment from Photon Kinetics, U.S.A , EXFO, Canada, KHU, Austria. Every incoming raw material, in process operations and every length of fiber and cable produced are subjected to thorough quality checks.

OFO conforms to international standards for manufacture and testing and in general to the following standards:

  • The latest ITU-T recommendations of CCITT
  • IEC test standards for fiber and cable
  • EN standards
  • Bellcore GR-20, Telcordia and RUS-PE-90 / TIA standards
  • EIA/TIA (FOTP-standards)

OFO measures key performance characteristics and valid sampling plans are used according to to ANSI –Z1.4 2003(R2013). Every new cable design, and change of process is validated by a detailed type testing encompassing all optical and mechanical parameters that need to be checked on the fiber cables. OFO has passed the strict third party inspections by Bureau Veritas, SGS, Velosi, (GL) and other customers, consultants and end users.

Detailed type test data for various fiber and cable types are available on request. Depending on end user requirements, OFO can also provide customized test plans and protocols.

OFO has various certifications in support of its competence. See our certifications

Building on Trust

Our biggest gain over the years has been customer trust. Over the years, OFO has built its business on customer confidence and trust and attributes growth to repeat orders from its existing customers and an expanding customer base built on good will. With a view to offering consistent fiber quality, and to minimize fiber mix in networks OFO draws Generic single mode fibers in-house. The fiber draw operation is done on high precision Nextrom (Formerly Nokia-Mailleffer of Finland) draw towers. A clean room environment (Class 100) ensures top quality of drawn fibers. With a view to standardization, OFO has a long term contract with Shin-etsu of Japan for supply of Preforms. The VAD Preforms used provide excellent geometrical properties and thereby good splice performance. The optical attributes include very low attenuation co-efficient and tight control on dispersion values. The Polarization Mode Dispersion values (PMD) are thoroughly checked to suit fibers for long haul high bandwidth transmission. OFO Single Mode Fibers are designed to provide low attenuation, Low PMD, high bandwidth and long term reliability and at high transmission rates.

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