Optical Fiber Cables

Optical Fiber Cables

OFO offers cables to customer specifications and also customizes cable designs to suit individual project needs. The primary business focus at OFO is long haul communication cable requirements. The cabling operation is done on state-of-the-art machinery of Nextrom, Finland & Rosendahl, Austria. Fiber cable manufacture is under controlled atmospheric conditions, a key factor in ensuring high quality. OFO has installed new machines to meet present market demands and development of new products.

The machinery line up includes fiber coloring equipment, including ring marking, high speed secondary coating lines, S-Z stranding machines, torque balanced aramid yarn server and cable sheath extruder lines. OFO primarily manufactures loose cables and offers Dry core & jelly filled water blocking options. OFO can manufacture cable up to 432 fibers and offers a wide range of cable constructions.

OFO cables are manufactured to stringent quality standards and OFO has in-house entire range of Optical and Mechanical test equipment. Cables manufactured comply to IEC 60794, EN 118000, Bellcore GR-20 / Tellcordia & RUS-PE-90 standards, TIA-455.

Optical Fiber Cables

Cable Products

  • Unitube dielectric & armored cables for short haul LAN applications
  • Single sheath multitube dielectric cables for deployment in ducts
  • Double Sheath dielectric cables for duct / direct burial applications
  • Dielectric rodent proof cables for lightening prone areas / defense applications
  • Armored unitude / multitube cable for duct / direct burial applications
  • Dielectric / Armored cables with nylon termite resistant sheathing option
  • Double sheath steel armored cables for direct burial in rough terrain
  • Triple sheath double armored cables for installation in ultra rough terrain
  • Indoor – outdoor cables for campus networks and premises cabling
  • Figure-8 cables for Aerial applications on dedicated poles
  • All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) cables suited for short, medium and long span applications
  • Customised cable designs
  • FTTH Cable Soutions
  • Steel wire Armored cables
  • FRP Armored cables
  • Micro Duct Cables
  • Fire Resistant / Flame Retardant Cables

The above is a listing of typical cable products that OFO manufactures.

Please contact OFO team for a wider selection of cable designs.

Cable Ranges


The Compaq cable series from OFO is a selection of Unitube Multitube cables in dielectric and armored constructions. The cables are of low diameter and of light weight and typically suited for short haul LAN / FTTH applications. Considering the low diameter the cables are well suited for blowing applications and in areas with constricted ducts.

Easy Launch

The Easy Launch cable series is a multi tube dielectric cable design suited for short and long hauls. The cable is suited for deployment in ducts and can be installed by blowing / pulling in to the ducts. A variation of this cable is a thin outer sheath of nylon-12 to provide termite resistant properties.

In typical applications requiring a rodent resistant non-metallic cable, OFO can provide the Easy launch cable with rodent tape along the cable periphery. Such cables are useful in lightening prone areas and for applications where cable traceability is not desirable.

Lite Shield

The Light Shield cable series combines the need for a rigid steel armoring and light weight. A single sheathing is provided to keep the cable weight and diameter low. Typical applications are deployment in ducts with added safety of rodent protection and for direct burial in soft soil areas.

Super Shield

The Super Shield cable series is a rugged cable suited for direct burial applications in harsh terrain. The double sheathing and a corrugated steel tape steel wire armoring provides high compressive strength and enhanced impact resistance.For cables with dielectric Armoring, OFOprovides FRP Armoring instead of metallic Armor. Typically such cables are for a one time installation along the route, and the rigid cable construction ensures total protection of the cable. A variation to the Super Shield cable is a triple sheath double armored cable for enhanced compressive strength.

Flame Shield

The Flame Shield cable series is a range of flame retardant sheathed cables useful in cables that approach buildings, institutions and premises susceptible to fire break outs. The sheathing compound used in the Flame Shield cable is chosen based on the application and variations include Low Smoke Zero Halogen Sheathing and Flame Retardant Sheathing. For fire resistant cables, OFO can offer cables with fire resistant mica tape as per IE OFOC 60331-25. Typical campus networks require cables that have the ruggedness to withstand the rigors of outdoor installation and at the same time are flame retardant as well. provides indoor outdoor cables in dielectric and armored options.

Sky Line

The Sky Line cable series represents Aerial cable options. Primarily two options are provided.

Al Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) cables for short, medium and long span stringing along power lines.

Figure-8 cables with steel messenger wire for support to string along dedicated poles.

OFO has a high tensile aramid yarn server to provide torque balanced aramid yarn serving along cable periphery suited for long span High Tensile ADSS cables. OFO can also assist in selection of the right fittings to suit different pole geometry, a vital factor in successful ADSS stringing.

Please consult OFO for the right cable and fiber solution to suit your network.