Oman Fiber Optic Co. S.A.O.G. (OFO) offers a wide range of fiber cable solutions to meet the ever expanding communication needs of Telecom companies, Utilities, Oil and Gas sector, defence, institutional users and system integrators. Our services extend far beyond design, manufacture and supply of fiber and cable products. OFO offers technical consultancy on choice of fiber types, design of cables and address the training needs for various customer segments.

OFO Optical Fibers and Optical Fiber Cables are manufactured at fully integrated and technologically advanced facilities, in conformance to international recommendation and test standards.

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A fiber cable infrastructure is built to last for 25 - 40 years at the minimum and hence great care needs to be taken in planning for the right fiber and cable types. OFO offers a wide variety of cable constructions, and with a view to providing end to end solution, also offers high quality fiber cable accessories and services. In association with its global partners OFO is equipped to undertake turnkey projects including trenching, cable installation, splicing, termination, link and acceptance testing of long haul networks.

While the prime product focus at OFO is long haul backbone networks, OFO also offers customized cables for LAN networks, small time utilities and indoor­/outdoor cables for institutional, premises and campus networks.

The Cable range of OFO includes both terrestrial and aerial applications. A wide range of cables are provided for deployment in ducts, direct burial and for stringing across poles. The cable designs are tailored to customer specifications and individual end-user requirements. A comprehensive listing of typical cable types is provided with options to download cable drawings and specifications. For requirements outside this listing, OFO engineering team will be glad to discuss with the end users and consultants.

With a view to providing end-to-end solutions, we take up supply of fiber cable accessories and fittings and field services comprising cable jointing and terminations pre and post installation testing, commissioning and link acceptance testing. System certification and training on optical fiber, fiber cable, installation practices, selection and use of fiber cable fittings and accessories and other related topics are also within our scope. To offer customers a reasonable choice, provide logistics advantage and a competitive pricing, OFO outsources services and cable accessories from business associates and partners in various regions.

In short, what we offer is a single point contact for your communication needs.


Oman Fiber Optic Co. draws standard ITU-T G.652. ITU-T G.652C & ITU-T G.652D complaint single mode fibers. The fibers drawn are step-index, non-dispersion shifted, single mode fibers used for transport systems operating at either 1310 nm of 1550 nm. OFO offers other fiber types, outsourced in Single & multi mode, depending on the cable applications. The fiber choice depending on the need for low attenuation and dispersion, low PMD values for high bit rate and long distance transmission, refined refractive index profiles, good geometric performance and other such criteria is made in close contacts with end users. Optical Fibers chosen for FTTX and LAN applications are low OH peak fibers for additional bandwidths, G.655 NZDS fibers for high bit rate applications, and multi mode fibers for data and video transmissions. OFO cables are manufactured to stringent quality standards andOFO has in-house entire range of Optical and Mechanical test equipment. Cables are manufacture complying to IEC 60794, EN 118000, Bellcore GR-20 / Tellcordia & RUS-PE-90 standards, TIA-455.

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